site in the era of rapid development, more and more websites began to pay attention to network promotion this can bring benefits in the field, especially a lot of capital, technical strength and no way compared to the big site of small sites, but needs the promotion of the role of the website can be known.

text ads chain promotion model, is an interactive concept, refers to two or more of the website through the text connected to each other’s URL address, so as to achieve both the visitors through a link that the degree of integration of the visitors to other sites, and ultimately enable Web access the amount of text in the chain to be a tool to enhance the.


, text ads chain often links to vulgar content sites, like beauty, money, which is generally not good impression to the public, especially a lot of pop some additional text chain, hackers and other malicious programs, which are deeply influenced by the union website. Thus, it is difficult to see the text will adhere to adhere to adhere to the free chain platform. We felt the text of the chain is not clean. There are some well-known advertising chain, simply change jobs, diverted to advertisers and advertising the website main mode. Here, almost all is worthy of the name, under the guise of hanging traffic soared, some even they do not believe.

text chain can bring traffic, is a well-known thing, but to describe it as a surge of excessive. However, the above said, does not prove that the chain does not exist in the text of the soil, on the contrary, the text chain in the form of a similar link, can really play an effective role in promoting the site. If the text of the chain to the network marketing field, with its unique advantages, but also to explore more potential customers.

unfortunately, at present a lot of small and medium-sized Web site owners do not quite understand the text chain network promotion, and some even thought that only to promote the search engine. A situation like this point, can only blame beyond count, this text chain is not normal to play its due role.

text chain system relying on the server, is the key to the key. As we all know, the larger the text of the link to the server resource requirements are very high. This is one of the main reasons why some text chain site difficult to continue.

in the context of the current situation of the text chain market, China marketing network marketing chain platform came into being. China to promote the use of their own advantages of the network, the official launch of advertising text chain platform, stand firm and take the road to the free show each other, stand firm to do a clean exchange chain. To be a leader in this field. The development of the text chain, with the support of the majority of the webmaster inseparable. Therefore, hereby, A5 borrow treasure, invite love love the webmaster, support the marketing chain, free to join this text chain platform. Thank you everyone.

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