I don’t know if I have the right to talk about this, but know the architecture of www.jokcn.com friends should understand that this is a shift from the discuz to the portal. In fact the whole transformation only implements a content display way to update the content inside the forum after all need to enter into to browse the portal home page, relatively large capacity, relatively intuitive.

pay attention to two points:

      1 this tutorial is not applicable to all discuz forums.
      2 if you want to be truly successful, a shipping mode is more than a hundred times more important than your program.


      discuz is 05 years in July, when the free space is too much, so set up the first edition of the forum is a free space in foreign countries, then it should be Discuz 2.5F, mainly engaged in some free space for the Raiders, as for the popularity, ha ha, began a week should be a day about 50IP, after all, a lot of people who will not apply for freehosting, so I have a few original Raiders, in this forum, the forum has more than and 40 post, is the use of Naomi, actually built the station, is completely forced. Suddenly one day, unable to access the site, to know the free space stop, with free space friends should know that the stability is not much, especially for Chinese support, so I went to the home for a space, remember the Shandong Netcom line, the construction site to the end of 8, powerdns.com Stop free analysis of Naomi. Therefore, helpless, for the international domain name. Like pianti.

      in the use of discuz to 4 of the time, my IP is more than 5 thousand, then the traffic growth is very slow, once the flow back to the 1500 day, then it’s possible that the idea of ladder forum has been unable to meet the needs of visitors to the content, the same content, you can get on the portal too much of the show, in the forum, only step operation, to see if a forum post, need more than 3 steps, the portal can 1 step, this is the key to.

was prepared to enable the portal

      discuz portals require relatively familiar with the understanding of discuz, occasionally when look at the background, understand the API call, in the algorithm after processing, discuz API can set an initial to a portal model, can change the page design and layout according to the completion of the operation of the production. The basic result, in preparation for nearly two months later, I developed the discuz API portal, is the first edition of this version of the a> model.