has recently been discovered that SEO technology, SEO technology is very simple and also very difficult, simply because the technical stuff is not profound, it is difficult to make simple things repeat to do and make achievements is a complicated matter. My friend asked me more recently in busy what I said do, my friends say I am busy in e-commerce, I was busy in e-commerce. To do a few months of Web site and network marketing, and also learned from and found some problems, today to talk about their views, the wrong place, please enlighten.

we are studying the optimization of the SEO or do the electronic commerce, listen to the teacher or the analysis of some Adsense online always said personal SEO or personal station service for enterprise e-commerce market will be great, because I admit China population, many enterprises to produce e-commerce market share will be great however, there is one thing we want to know, what do Baidu promotion or Google auction business website really do not understand the SEO Search Engine Optimization? I think not, a market competitiveness of the enterprise is not to understand the importance of the enterprise network market, will certainly have to network marketing team and website their technical personnel, so that enterprises will find your personal webmaster do optimization? I think the possibility is very small, but for those who do not understand the small website optimization For the enterprise, just to talk about the importance of network marketing to him for a long time, this is my personal experience. May I learn is not enough, but I do for the enterprise marketing marketing plan aroused their interest, to obtain a certain profit. So I was not found after careful analysis, the enterprise does not need website optimization and network marketing but they don’t have much time for you to optimize, because modern market competition is very large, especially in the network marketing of this particular market, the network transmission speed is very fast, perhaps a certain class of goods the promotion within a few hours, the market share is not, so do companies prefer to Baidu promotion, Google bid is not willing to spend time doing optimization, they want to see is the immediate effect of pay.

then, I found that now most personal webmaster do stand is basically is to give people the promotion of products or fiction movies like entertainment website, found that when I was with a lot of webmaster exchange, many owners do not succeed with their own personality, a lot of people’s character is very lonely or not good at communicating with people human resources is not good, no contacts no products do not have the resources, so we do not go on the road to success, is summed up in the following points: 1, do not want to take the initiative to communicate with people. 2, don’t mind too much trouble, 3 fee or not willing to invest. 4, do not want to cooperate with the real store.

to promote the basis of any product or premise is to sell themselves, with customers to establish trust is the basis of any marketing. Here I just say some of the people, I began to do the same, then I slowly found that any e-commerce and network marketing in order to become bigger and stronger, there is no cooperation in the store is not