May 24th, LETV holding vice chairman, Li Rui was invited to attend the Hongkong network network CEO VINEXPO Wine and spirits exhibition. As one of the important travel wine show, Li Rui and Chile’s largest Wine industry group (Concha Y group concha Toro) Asia executive Cristian LOPEZ meeting, the two sides signed a "memorandum of strategic cooperation, a comprehensive upgrade of global strategic cooperation.


network network CEO Li Rui and chief executive of Cristian LOPEZ Asia dry signed a strategic cooperation memorandum

it is understood that the South American Wine overlord Chile dry exposure is an important strategic partner network network layout of the global industrial chain, through the core region of the new world, maintain close long-term good cooperation with the network network in product, brand, capital level. 2015, the two sides have successfully created the world’s first CP2C eco products, fire rose (Naynay) series, in the Chinese market once launched will be favored by dealers and consumers.

Cristian LOPEZ said, is very optimistic about the potential ecological model and the network network Chinese Wine market. Hope to be able to test the water after the success of the Naynay, the United States will once again join the dry dew group of American wine products into China, through the operation of the two sides to achieve performance improvement and category expansion.

Li Rui said that the signing of the strategic cooperation memorandum, the globalization strategy will have a great help to each other. For the fire rose, will further enhance the quality of products, market operation level, deepen. At the same time, expand dry dew in the United States wine products, the exclusive introduction of Little Black Dress, 1000Stories, Bonterra and other wine products. In the future, do not rule out the acquisition of capital at the winery level and more cooperation may be.

the world’s first CP2C products fire rose successfully test the water


in 2015, China’s dry wine market has become the best-selling brand, is also the first Chilean in the Chinese market leapt to the top of the list of Chilean wine brands. With the continuous changes in the global wine market and the rise of emerging markets in asia. Because the network network music as a huge ecological resources and unique ecological pattern, has become an important strategic partner with stem to expand in the China market "".

as the first wine network network partners worldwide CP2C mode, the two sides together to create the world’s first CP2C ecological products fire rose (Naynay), a specially designed for young people to create Chinese entry-level wine.

CP2C intended to insight into user needs, joint global quality wine manufacturers reverse custom product innovation >