March 10th news (reporter Shang Jing) according to informed sources, Groupon (hereinafter referred to as does not intend to be deployed in the server Chinese, in China team will be responsible for sales promotion, etc.. Recently, the famous American group purchase website Groupon Chinese entered the market has entered the countdown, cooperation, and Tencent Chinese company name "Chinese Gaopeng" and other details have been exposed, the latest news is that it may start on March.

according to some people familiar with the situation, the current Groupon and Chinese companies to discuss advertising, promotional contacts are Chinese people, office address is displayed in Beijing, an office building. But one to the technical cooperation, the interface has been transferred to Germany, communications are also english.

It is understood that Groupon

Groupon is the German international business development of the "base camp", responsible for all international business outside the United States, the staff are the backbone of the Germans, regional technology, data or are by German control.

some industry sources, the current Chinese companies and Groupon technology docking has been completed in Germany, but there is no data exchange, which may not be related to its business expansion. At the same time, the source also revealed that the future of technology will continue to communicate with germany.

thus insiders infer that Groupon is currently not ready to deploy servers in China, the Chinese team only for sales, marketing team. In addition, it can be inferred that the operation of Groupon China is entirely controlled by Groupon.

had a number of overseas Internet Co, such as Google, MSN, etc. have adopted a similar way to enter China, that is, the server is not deployed in china. (end)