(left for Dai Zhikang Comsenz president and vice president Li Mingshun, with TechWeb


[TechWeb] news August 27th news, Li Mingshun Comsenz president vice president Dai Zhikang, said in an interview with TechWeb, Comsenz Tencent is a wholly owned subsidiary, regarding the acquisition has not yet fully completed, the acquisition agreement has been signed recently, the team does not make any changes. Dai Zhikang denied as vice president of Tencent.

5% of the energy for the Tencent had Comsenz products to expand


Dai Zhikang and Li Mingshun TechWeb confirmed that the acquisition of Tencent has recently signed the agreement Comsenz, as a subsidiary of Tencent in one hundred percent, the team will not have any change. Li Mingshun revealed that the company had a slightly different position, 95% of the energy will still be for the majority of owners and the community, will take out 5% of the time with the Tencent to existing products and a huge user base, and better site and community integration, explore the potential value is helpful for the webmaster to bring real benefits, such as flow.

acquisition has not yet fully concluded Dai Zhikang denied as vice president of Tencent

said the details of the acquisition, Li Mingshun said, the acquisition has not been fully completed, just recently signed the acquisition agreement, the details still further communication, but the two sides did not disclose the exact good start time, said one day to finalize the details of the cooperation, there will be likely to produce variable, this is what I had been called the outside world no matter the reason, Li Mingshun explained.

Dai Zhikang said in an interview, said he would not serve as vice president of Tencent, the previous rumors are rumors."

is a bridge connecting Comsenz between the web and the head of the Tencent

talked about why choose this way is the acquisition of Tencent, Li Mingshun said, first of all, the number of users China Tencent is the largest Internet Co, is the largest Chinese community platform, community accumulated experience and resources of Kang Sheng is very useful, will make the Kang Sheng community development concept has been further improved based on the second; and from the team and the fund, Tencent is the strength of the company, after the development of Kang Sheng do not have too much consideration of revenue and business, devoted to research and development, to be the best product, "of course, including the platform for netizens and Internet resources, the Tencent also has a very strong for this, for the development of web users and expand to users of the service are of great value." Li Mingshun said.

"we are now is a connecting bridge between the Tencent and the Tencent and the webmaster website, hope to explore business models and business value in a small site, they had more energy is direct to users, to accumulate basic site and webmaster a relatively small, so for the future expansion of Tencent strategy, we the location is very important." Li Mingshun said.