1 Ministry of Commerce: without the consent of the user shall not push advertising WeChat  

shop, TV shopping and other non shop behavior, will usher in a more detailed management approach.

recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued a "retail shop management (Trial) (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft"), to the public for comments. "Draft" clearly encourage the establishment of non store retailing organization, but not exaggerated propaganda, tampering, resort to deceit shall not disclose, sell or illegally providing personal information to others. "Draft" clear, non store retail operators engaged in sales activities through related services, shall be submitted in accordance with other license information business license, business license, authorization certificates and laws and administrative regulations.

it is worth noting that the "draft" of online shopping users suffering from bad advertising "bombing" push behavior made clear: without the consumer recognition, not by SMS, email, etc. WeChat push advertising.

2 58 city pass will acquire chinahr.com provide recruitment service  

May 7th news, today there are rumors that the 58 city will acquire chinahr.com, the fastest news released this week. Currently 58 city did not respond on the matter.

industry insiders said 58 city originally focused on blue collar recruitment, if the acquisition of chinahr.com can be complementary. After the merger of 58 city can provide full recruitment services.

chinahr.com was founded in 1997. In October 2008, Monster acquired the remaining 55% chinahr.com to $174 million in cash shares, so far, chinahr.com became a wholly owned subsidiary of Monster. Over the years, chinahr.com has been at a loss. In November 2012, chinahr.com was seeking to sell Monster open until 2013, Myjob acquired chinahr.com at a price of $30 million.

3 Zhou Hongyi talk about domain name: qiku.com as early as 10 years ago in his hands?  

news yesterday, 360 May 7th, Zhou Hongyi held a "no mobile phone, mobile phone brand" conference "to determine our", in tribute to Apple at the same time also did not forget to spit bad peers such as millet. He also said that the site was enabled qiku.com 10 years ago in his hands, and lamented the benefits of 360.com to bring him, as well as the brand domain name into the hands of others of the disadvantages.

name dispute: Our or


mobile phone in 360 held a few days ago, the Internet has been a 360 mobile phone brand in the end is the "Monkey King" or "cool", and even from a period known as the conference opening leaked video ">