A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 31st news, the news recently millet financing has finally been officially confirmed. Lei Jun announced by micro-blog last week, millet has just completed the latest round of financing, valuation of $45 billion, the total amount of financing $1 billion 100 million.

it is understood that a new round of millet investors including All-stars, DST, GIC, and Yunfeng Hopu investment funds and other investment institutions. After completion of this round of financing, the valuation of up to $45 billion of millet technology will become China’s fourth largest Internet Co. Ranked in the top three are Ali group, Tencent and Baidu.

public information, April 2010, Lei Jun and team, Morningside ventures, Qiming venture investment founded millet; by the end of 2010 and completed a new round of financing, investing more than IDG, the company valuation of $250 million, the annual total financing of $41 million; in December 2011, millet was $90 million financing, valuation of $1 billion; the end of June 2012, millet announced the financing of $216 million valuation of $4 billion; in August 2013, millet is a new round of financing of $10 billion valuation. The distance from the last round of financing for just a year, and now millet has been turned over 4.5 times the valuation of


Milner is millet, Facebook and Ali’s early investors. In his view, millet has the potential to reach $100 billion valuation with Facebook, Alibaba group, millet has become China’s first major global consumer brands. In the smart machine industry, millet can get a large share in the world, but this is not all the opportunities, millet can also enter the field of many other interested.

millet financing and loans at the same time, its own performance is good. Reports from foreign media said the latest documents show that millet 2013 net profit growth of 84%, reaching $3 billion 460 million, exceeding the $1 billion 880 million in 2012. In the three quarter of this year, millet has become the world’s third largest smartphone maker, second only to apple and samsung. Millet plans next year to sell 100 million mobile phones. Lei Jun also said that millet will launch a new flagship product in January next year."

can be seen from the data of millet is not short of money, but why financing? Said Lei Jun millet to five years to invest 100 companies copy millet mode. From the generous investment of Iqiyi, the two months of Midea Group, we can see that this may be the answer. And millet and Chen Tong is ready to strengthen the ability to recruit content operations, looking for the core breakthrough in the field of television and tablet field, which requires the use of funds. As Lei Jun said, stick to the original road, for a unlisted companies, the profit is not important, increase investment, do not engage in the market.

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