@ Ministry of public security to play four black four pests to remind the new WeChat


"you light, I earn $" is a new type of MLM! "The Ministry of public security to play four black four pests office yesterday warned. Yesterday, the Ministry of public security "four black four pests" special action office official micro-blog news release, to remind people of a new type of network marketing and WeChat related traps. The micro-blog warned, "if someone gave you a micro channel, you must download the ‘visualtron’ APP, and the message" you light, I earn $’, be careful! This is the new network marketing! Tip: if the required entry fee, there is no real projects and products, the other was to develop off the assembly line, with any of them two, can judge the pyramid! Please firmly rejected, and persuade friends quit! "

according to the official website of the micro vision, MicroAll visualtron is one of Hongkong micro Media International Group Limited company products, its collection of telephone network, mobile office platform, display advertising platform and other functions, support for iOS and Android mobile phone system. Reporters found that, whether it is from its official website, or Apple’s mobile phone APP STORE, its IOS version download has expired or disappeared, but the Andriod version is still running normally.

addition, recently there are people use Voice Changer Software put their sound into a sweet female voice, trap scam in WeChat. The Ministry of public security "four black four pests" micro-blog Office official said, "the more than and 40 year old single father Lee, to spend time with Voice Changer Software posing as prettily girls, by WeChat to join the chat many male friends, and to love the name of money deposit, play, successively to 5 male friends for money more than 10 yuan, for waste and buy cars. Lee has been under criminal detention. Safety tips: online dating platform zhenjiamobian, even if the voice chat is not credulous! "(reporter Lin Guang)