lead: August photo gallery is a traditional high-end wedding photography, wedding net interest as an Internet start-up companies, two breakthrough for marriage and traditional mutual Baotuan the power of the internet.


according to the marriage interest network founder and CEO Nianlong Lin said, marriage net interest get one million angel investment from the "August Photo Gallery" photo gallery, August President Shen Donglei and other core management team will serve as a special consultant wedding net interest.

August photo gallery is a traditional high-end wedding photography, wedding net interest as an Internet start-up company, Lin Nianlong interpretation of the two marriage is mutual and the power of the Internet to break the traditional Baotuan — as a pure Internet team, want to do O2O market, need to have a strong team. The integration of offline resources, wedding photography to the Internet, must use the traditional enterprise resources and industry experience; a single wedding photography industry market in Beijing about $2 billion annually in the national market, is a billion level market, at present, to get a single user cost has exceeded one thousand yuan, the entity operating costs high, the industry reshuffle soon will come, may appear to dominate the marriage industry the world’s "vertical taobao.com" in the future, this is the August Photo Gallery optimistic about the prospects of this industry interest and investment marriage The main reason for the network.

marriage industry has been in a special low frequency high, to cut the industry’s troubled Internet entrepreneurs. Low frequency means a single consumption, access to the user’s cost is getting higher and higher; high means that online payment will bring a very high barriers to trade closed loop.

marriage net interest is different from the traditional wedding website O2O is:

1.DIY private custom mode, the user can freely choose the photographer.

2 disintermediation, remove entities operating costs of traditional wedding photography. The six part of the wedding photography must disassemble into online, users can buy online payment, then the next line shooting, completely bypassing the closed studio and work to accomplish wedding photography.

3 shielding invisible consumption, users can even choose movies at home login background, do not spend a day time to go to the studio.

4 satisfied with the payment. Guaranteed payment, worry free refund and user evaluation system, so that the line under the service process more secure.

Lin Nianlong, get investment after marriage net interest will be used to put the website user experience and resources integration of the mobile terminal and the line, improve the overall service experience. At present, only the city of Beijing, the future will be more than the city’s operation, and even overseas tourism destination. Wedding photography is the entrance of marriage industry, marriage net interest to the future may also be involved in the wedding service, wedding banquet reservation and honeymoon etc..