According to the

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that as of July 2014,.CN domain total reached 10768312, a net increase of 113603. On the whole, from February to July, the rise in the total number of.CN domain name is strong, rapid growth.


(Figure 1).CN domain growth trend chart

according to figure 1,.CN domain name from May began to go all the way up to July, the total has reached 10768312. Last month, a net increase of 113603. While the global macro.CN domain names, from the beginning of February, almost all of the upward trend, and growth significantly.


(Figure 2) 2014.CN domain name statistical chart

as shown in Figure 2, in July, the total amount of the domain name cn is still way ahead, reaching 8583833, last month, a net increase of 77690, or increase, but did not give the proportion of growth, in contrast to 79.7%, a decrease of 0.1%. In addition, the amount of domain in the runner up position of 1127817, a net increase of 33876, the rate increased, the proportion rose to 10.5%; won the runner up title of domain name, total 766003, a net increase of 398, accounting for 7.1%. The rest of the.Cn domain name suffix, add up to less than 3%.