sina science and technology news April 13th news, hungry today announced that the Alibaba and the ant service officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement, $1 billion 250 million investment. Among them, the Alibaba invested $900 million, ant gold investment $350 million. After financing, hungry, the company still maintained an independent operation and development. Cai Chongxin, vice chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group will join the board hungry.

invested $1 billion 250 million, hungry again refresh the highest record of the total amount of a single global takeaway platform.

hungry said, in addition to obtain financial support, mobile phone Taobao and Alipay will cooperate with the hungry, hungry to provide quality support delivery service for more users. Ali’s online advantage and hungry under the advantages of the combination of the line, will cover more consumer scenarios, the formation of a complete O2O closed loop.

at the same time, hungry ants and gold clothing will carry out extensive cooperation in the credit, insurance, financial loans, hungry small businesses, so Crowdsourcing distribution service providers and individuals can obtain ant payment service to provide financial services. Sesame credit will also provide deep service for hungry.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said that Alibaba hope, hungry to continue to take the lead in the development of takeaway service market, while providing users with more consumer scenarios and service experience ali. Mutual help, not only to achieve a win-win situation, but also will continue to expand the extension of e-commerce.

According to statistics,

was founded in 2009, has been Jinsha River venture capital, Jingwei China, Sequoia Capital, CITIC Industrial Fund, a number of institutions, such as multi round financing. Business covers more than and 300 cities, the amount of 50 million users, joined the restaurant 50. (Anne)

is hungry for the founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao internal letter:

we shape the industry’s initial appearance, will also lead the industry in the future direction of

hungry partners,

I am pleased to announce that, hungry and Alibaba, ant gold service officially became a strategic partner, the leading Internet financial platform e-commerce platform, the largest Chinese and Chinese largest online ordering and instant delivery platform to cooperate, to jointly develop the local life services market. This is a time to rewrite the pattern of cooperation in the service industry, hungry it will stand on a higher starting point, showing greater value.

first of all, the market size of the hungry will be leading. Alibaba, ant gold clothing as a strategic investor, the $1 billion 250 million into the money hungry. Moreover, word-of-mouth platform takeaway service will also be hungry to provide operational support. We have the absolute advantage of market share, will continue to lead the service market.

hungry it will build the most complete O2O ecology. Mobile phone Taobao and Alipay will cooperate with the hungry, hungry to provide quality support delivery service for more users. Ali >