with the popularization of QQ, the QQ network promotion more and more extension staff love, it should be said that this is a kind of network promotion methods of convenient operation, low cost, today let Jiang Likun to share the experience of the QQ group promotion.

a, QQ group for what kind of promotion


said QQ group promotion almost no cost of capital, but it is not to say that the use of this method will be harvested. For example, for the promotion of high flow as the index, with the QQ group to carry out almost no effect, and we say the following QQ group suitable for those promotion.

1, the promotion of specific populations. For example, local sites, industry sites, their audience is relatively concentrated, this time to promote the use of QQ group is a good choice. For example, push a website, his audience is basically a network of practitioners, this part of the crowd is very much like to communicate with QQ group, and the activity is relatively high.

2, for fixed crowd promotion. For example, the site has been the user’s QQ group, but this may not be part of the crowd often visit the site, then it can be carried out through the QQ group from time to time to promote, stimulate the user activity.

3, the promotion of low flow indicators. For example, some enterprise website, what almost no flow index, then just use a few QQ group promotion, traffic will bring enough benefit.

4, some targeted promotion. For example, a single article independent feature, network voting and gathering activities, these projects are the most suitable for the QQ group promotion.

two, plus the attention of the group

QQ group to promote the foundation, of course, there are enough QQ group. Many people think that the group and the more the better, but not necessarily, and the QQ group number and the number of friends, is also a ceiling, with too much junk group is also a waste of places. Here and we say about the attention of the group.

1, members of the group as little as possible. This is almost the cost any more, we recommend that you try to add a senior group, the largest number of ordinary group of 100 people, can not you without you.

2, inactive group as far as possible without adding. Do you know why you are not active? Because we have a group of screen, it adds no meaning.

3, group members of the group is too serious homogenization. Add more than and 100 groups, the more than and 30 people in the toss, add it to do?

4, the target population is not concentrated group.

5, timely modification group name card. Suggest the group name with the information you want to promote, at the same time in the notes of the company information and responsible business. Most important, a group of names with special symbols. The special fit here is the symbol that will enhance your ranking in the group list. Just imagine, every day to open QQ/MSN or group, the first thing you see is what