I’ve had a problem like this. That is, some users to the domain name registrar to buy a domain name (with 89, 64 words of the domain name), the use of the next one or two days, the domain name can not be used. Then there’s the ok. But I can’t find the reason. Log in to the CNNIC query, no, the domain name registration information has become another person’s. It is no use to find a registrar, because the reason is that the user registered domain name and then CNNIC did not pass there.

is the main reason: with 64,89, Aoyun, 2008 CN English these words Chinese domain name and domain name, CNNIC has a 15 day period in which the manual review, the examination is not passed directly if deleted, and then notify the Registrar, and then notify the Registrar agent. (if you don’t know what 64/89 is, you go to Google, Baidu search these words to see if it is immediately closed for 1 minutes)

because the CNNIC delete these domain names, and does not filter or limit these with these words in the domain name registration system, do not know because of technical reasons or other reasons, others can lead to register again, but will be removed again in 15 days, so the cycle down, it may also have Chinese characteristics of domain name registration…

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