sina science and technology news on July 22nd at noon news, the Ministry of industry website today issued a notice to carry out remediation mobile APP dissemination of pornographic information work, which is net net 2014 action is another important measure.

The following is the full text of the Ministry of industry


Ministry of industry and information technology on the depth of

mobile intelligent terminal applications to promote the dissemination of pornographic information notice

with the rapid development of mobile Internet and mobile intelligent terminal of the rapid spread of pornographic dissemination of information in the form of increasingly diverse, there has been the use of mobile Internet, mobile intelligent terminal application (APP) dissemination of pornographic illegal harmful information in the new situation and new problems, serious harm to the young people’s physical and mental health. For the implementation of the national anti pornography · 2014 special action work requirements of net, combined with the ongoing strike governance mobile Internet malware special action, in accordance with the law on the use of mobile Internet dissemination of pornographic information into illegal behavior, Ministry of industry and information technology will organize the communications authority, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute, Chinese Internet association other units to carry out remediation by APP dissemination of pornographic information related work, establish long-term working mechanism, to create cool and bright cyberspace. Mainly include the following measures:

strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, and urge enterprises to establish and improve the management system. Strengthen the management of basic telecommunications companies, mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers, application stores and other enterprises, and urge them to establish a sound APP developer true identity verification, APP sent after the first trial as prior audit mechanism, supervision mechanism of pornographic illegal information monitoring, investigation and other things, such as the shelf afterwards APP illegal disposal mechanism.

(two) to strengthen the mobile intelligent terminal preinstalled APP management, strict access gateway. Implement the "notice" on strengthening mobile intelligent terminal into the network management and two security capabilities of mobile intelligent terminal technology standards, enhance the terminal into the network link of pre APP test, non mobile intelligent terminal preset dissemination of pornographic and other harmful information APP.

(three) to strengthen the technical means to enhance the ability to detect pornographic APP. The supervision and guidance of websites, forums, search engines and other Internet applications store information service enterprises continuously improve the existing technology to monitor the level of their on-line dissemination of pornographic APP illegal keyword automatic alignment, image recognition, artificial investigation and monitoring of multi-level review. Strengthen the management of technical means to promote the level of APP testing continues to improve, regularly organize APP pumping test, enhance the ability to detect pornographic APP, to provide technical support for handling according to law.

(four) to improve the disposal process, increase the crackdown on pornographic APP. Supervise the application of the guidance territorial distribution channels APP shops regularly carry out self-examination, clearing the shelves of pornographic APP. Regular investigation within the territory of the application store start-up qualification, without permission or filing >