news that the network is about to restart the sale of color related stocks rose

[TechWeb] April 2nd news, the news that after the sale of the network through a comprehensive inspection, restart the window is about to open, there are Internet lottery sites have begun to restart the business to prepare. Lottery stocks also rose. Taobao, NetEase are temporarily unaware of this news response.

has informed sources, the relevant documents have been issued but not yet formed, the Internet sales of lottery business documents must be in accordance with the law compliance, the existence of "eat ticket", "lottery" issues such as the website has been authorized to crack down on the local lottery sales agency website, is approved by the Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports Administration audit.

Guangdong provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Liu Hong recently in Guangdong Province welfare lottery work conference, is expected in the future of the Internet lottery will be ordered to carry out standard under the premise of Guangdong to be ready in terms of technical reserves, staffing, game development, strive to drink under the regulation of the Internet lottery first taste of the soup.

, a securities analyst said the Internet lottery industry sustained and healthy development of the market cannot do without the supervision of the government, in the sale of recovery after the expected release of Internet lottery sales license / licence, launched the national lottery sales system will continue to introduce new initiatives.

in addition, lottery stocks also rose rapidly, at present, Hongbo shares trading, geeya rose 7%, Anne shares rose 6%. (rain)