on the convening of the 2009 Jiangxi Internet Summit Forum Jiangxi Province General Assembly and the application of network technology in Jiangxi province Specialized Committee inaugural meeting notice:

relevant units:

this seminar to "strengthen the website construction and management" as the theme, focusing on the construction and management of affairs, business and scientific research and education and other sites, to raise awareness of the importance of website construction, summarize and inspire more and better construction site management methods, and constantly improve the website functions, and gradually improve the comprehensive strength of the site, lay a solid foundation for promoting the construction of our province website. Sponsored by the Jiangxi provincial computer users association, Jiangxi IT network, China Saiyi first broadcast, Jiangxi Entrepreneurs Network contractors, decided to convene a seminar on the construction and development of Jiangxi Province, the first web site in 2009 and the Jiangxi province network technology Specialized Committee founded". The meeting will be arranged as follows:

, a guiding ideology: the conference is an important meeting in our province website construction, this meeting is conducive to promoting the exchange of technology between the various sites in our province, to promote information disclosure, improve the service level, standardize and guide the construction site will play a positive role in promoting.

two, the main (commitment) to do the unit:

organizer: Jiangxi computer users association

Undertaker: Jiangxi, China IT network, the first broadcast of the race, Jiangxi entrepreneur network

three, time, location:

April 18, 2009 (Saturday) at 2:40 PM (15 minutes in advance to sign up to receive the conference information), the location to be announced after the event to participate in the activities of personnel.

four, activity content:

1, the main leaders and guests to participate in the activities.

2, announced that the application of Jiangxi network technology Specialized Committee, the establishment of relevant documents and the list of members of the committee.

3, the leadership speech

4, website construction experience and web application technology research

5, the end of the meeting

6, dinner

five, activity fee:

registration and invited to attend the meeting activities of the city and field representatives are free to travel overseas representatives transportation themselves.

Six, contact:

such as the need to apply to participate in activities or to join the "Jiangxi province network technology Specialized Committee as a member, deputy director of the committee, the chairman of the committee, the need for the website construction experience, network application technology scheme of the unit, please in the event of a dedicated website (< http://s.www.wlspgg.cn/ >) or direct application to Jiangxi computer network (www.jxcua.com) Jiangxi network (ht> IT, China