1 aunt: a APP how to capture 60 million  

; the heart of woman?

"if Wang Feng and Nicky Wu come to the big aunt at the same time, who would be more likely to have a


"of course is Wang Feng! Because he often wear tight pants!"

‘s Day arrived, "aunt" is on fire.

a film called "aunt to do" science animation on the Internet by the introduction of fame. As of press time, the total amount of the total network video playback is about to break 30 million times.

this girl around the "big aunt" issues of female physiology health science animation, with no funny sell adorable integrity style, being touted in the girls in the circle, and even become a single chase the goddess "must see god". As the driving force behind the micro video, menstrual management APP aunt you once again become the focus of attention of Internet entrepreneurs.

2 Google ad server is now a large fault: over 50 thousand of the world website advertising space  

November 12th news, according to foreign media reports, Google’s advertising system server DoubleClick failure on Wednesday, resulting in 55185 sites worldwide advertising can not be displayed.

global massive web site using Google online advertising business DoubleClick sell advertising. DoubleClick malfunction occurred at 9:40 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, lasting approximately two hours.

application performance management (APM) services company tracking range of fault spread is found worldwide, there are about 55185 sites affected, such as "USA Today", "Wall Street", the Japanese version Forbes, BBC, YouTube and the British "Guardian" are influenced by the.

3 rookie network "piracy wings sweater" apology Ji Cheng works of non original  


designer Ji Cheng accused Tmall employees during the double 11 collective wear pirate sweater, rookie network said in a statement, the camera is part of the staff wore sweater rookie, not Tmall employees will have to be sealed up, Ji Cheng team.

rookie network, said Ji Cheng wants to help clean up the alleged infringement of the goods online, the rookie will be in full accordance with the relevant processes.

at the same time, the network also appeared in a statement that "wings sweater" Ji Cheng is not original, but the Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro (Miwara Yasuhiro) works.

4.2 Guinness records: millet Tmall meritorious 1111 domain name see  

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