eleven is coming soon, your phone is not already started up, a variety of SMS advertising overwhelming, almost every day I will receive a few messages advertising. Although there are 360 interception off a part, but there are still a lot of advertising messages, mobile phone SMS marketing is a simple and effective way of marketing, eleven is the most important festival during the first half of this year, originally this folk "singles day" shopping with no half dime. Is the result of speculation business, good gossip anyway, in the face of the shopping carnival, how to make the message more effectively, how to make the SMS marketing real counter attack? Based on the weight loss products as an example, according to the analysis of how users do double eleven SMS marketing. Weight loss products are very popular products, nature has become a very difficult competition products, the following is the author’s point of view, please correct me.

first, the user’s phone number data how to get

mobile phone SMS marketing the most trouble is how to get the user’s mobile phone number, if it is easy to find the number, then it is difficult for a specific group of users more accurate marketing, it must find a way to lose weight products collected user mobile phone number. I want to be through online or offline activities to collect mobile phone number information through the method of gift giving, give a simple example: first added to a weight loss method of communication circle, or simply the QQ group, after a period of time familiar with a lot of people in the circle of mixed familiar, can also go to create such a circle. Under the temptation of small gifts, I think a lot of friends are willing to cooperate. In addition, in the usual process of communication with customers, can also find an opportunity to collect the customer’s mobile phone number, or the number of information obtained through other channels to make the promotion of products, the first thing to do is to collect and collate the data user


then, how to write text messages to attract people

I read more than N SMS advertising, to tell the truth, no one can remember, are those obvious advertising words, no new ideas, users often see the first glance will not hesitate to turn off. Most of the time may not know the meaning of the content of the message, so how to write the message content to let users attention? And will not be deleted immediately, double eleven singles, and slimming products, the main consumer groups are young women, and this can be holiday link, write some funny SMS content. For example: singles, girl no one about what is the reason, let your weight down, let their nouveau riche crazy for you. And so on, I am not funny enough to write, such a text message may be more likely to attract users to read, rather than a lot of messy implant advertising. Of course, the content of the message must have advertising ingredients, according to the characteristics of the festival, combined with the current more popular network words, I believe we can attract the eye.

finally, SMS marketing does not mean spam

SMS marketing is often equated with spam, usually everyone will be