giants have been eyeing the O2O service.

April 23rd, Liu Qiangdong internal speech highlighted the Jingdong at home; the day before, the glory of president, HUAWEI executives Liu Jiangfeng to stream water, founded Dmall, starting from the supermarket, to the daily consumer goods and fresh products as a breakthrough, to formally enter the O2O life service platform; and shortly before the marriage of the 58 and go to the market, but also is the transformation of local life service platform. Million European Network co-founder Huang Yuanpu believes that the potential threat from market segments of many O2O entrepreneurs, to merge the 58 and go to the market as possible.

home service O2O entrepreneurs are facing from the giant’s "black hole platform" effect, how to use its resources and users still do not have enough energy, effectively avoid involvement in the black hole, the field has become every entrepreneur is inseparable from the issue.

giant camouflage

Chinese giants are accustomed to the use of the vast number of users and traffic advantages of platform expansion.


April 23rd, Liu Qiangdong put forward the future development strategy of Jingdong O2O 3P in its internal speech, including the quality of products meet the needs of the scene (Product), the lowest price (Price) and personalized service (Personalized Service).


life service platform as a Jingdong in 2015 focused on creating "Jingdong, home" by Liu Qiangdong high hopes, the main color is green APP, now offers a supermarket, takeaway, flowers three large home items within 2 hours of delivery fast mobile terminal based positioning.


and on the same day, the U.S. group also announced the launch of door-to-door service open platform, the United States mission as traffic entrance, access, domestic industry, automotive beauty care products such as door-to-door service providers to provide services to the backend system. In the United States Mission of the client, the door has become a channel entrance, partners include Manicure, Dudu e home cleaning, housekeeping, easy washing and other cloud market.

public comment

hit the idle away in seeking pleasure of one-stop service platform for public comment, in the field of life services also early layout, beauty, laundry, maintenance, vehicle maintenance and other dozens of categories, covering almost all the service life.

58 and


compared with rich trading volume and turnover of the group and the public comments, the only advertising revenue in the 58 account and go to the market, while sitting on the platform mobile lifestyle APP market share as high as 74%, but have no transaction data. Therefore, after the merger of the two, the absolute leadership in the field of classified information has been set, the next step will be the force of life service platform O2O.

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