domain name investment is still a new concept for many people, however, is not known in the investment market, the recent volatility is not small. According to insiders revealed that the CN domain name registration with a sharp rise in the amount of new domain name to CN now sought after investment. On the one hand, the price adjustment for the CN domain name to create a more favorable investment costs. On the other hand, along with the recovery of the Internet industry since last year, as well as the development of the domestic network of information technology industry, are CN domain name investment can bring the expected external environment. More importantly, the appreciation of the space from the investment point of view, the appreciation of the domain name CN space has greatly exceeded the COM domain name. The domain name investment experts said that the current investment opportunity is the domain name CN.

resources shift

it is understood that the COM domain name as the application of the earliest and most extensive domain resources, currently in the world has more than 27 million registered users, according to statistics of domain experts, in an international domain name system, users can register to the good domain name probably not more than 4 million. It is clear that in the COM domain name system, which can be used to register the name of the resource has been exhausted. Of course, investors will not remain in the eyes of a certain field, more investment value of the domain name is through their re excavation and constantly rejuvenated. According to the data released by the International Institute for the investigation of the domain name, the international domain name system in the country’s top-level domain name, its value is rising, and become an emerging field of international domain name investment.

according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released CN domain name registration data, the current CN domain registered users in 380 thousand. The data can be seen, because the CN in the international development relatively late, but there are still a lot of valuable name has not been registered, and these need to be a registered domain name, many of them may have a very good name and objective appreciation potential.

For example, in the

CN domain name contest in talent shows itself "", "" good name, because of simple and easy to understand, has aroused the interest of many enterprises, its worth in the rising. And CN as China national domain name, the Internet represents a significant "China logo", in the background of Chinese sustained and rapid development of economy, rich resources under the CN name, do business and personal domain name investment for many hopes, provides investment value of imagination.

market all the way

According to the introduction of a professional domain

trading site, 2003 in the domestic market, whether it is the domain name, domain name transaction price or trading volume has a rapid growth, prices rose an average of about $5000 a domain name. And this is a large part of the domain name of the buyers are business users, they buy the domain name is the purpose of the domain name is easy to attract more and more numerous target users. From a business point of view, register CN domain name >