is the following Tencent electricity supplier holding company, discuz founder Dai Zhikang in < product family > salon speech, without my review:

I think Tencent’s current O2O products in fact, there is no reference to the significance, because it is relatively poor. But we also have a little determination. Because I was invited to attend the salon, I had a special dinner with Zhang Tao last night to discuss how to beat the public comment in the evening. We discuss all the results, in fact, all the guests in the PPT have. But the question is, what do you know about it, so I began to reflect on the salon’s theme: how to shake the public comment, which in itself is a false proposition. What do you shake it? Public comment also know it has a problem, we know, but want to shake it really can not shake. Why do you want to shake it? Just do it differently.

so I want to share with you a way of questioning everything. What is the question of all that we assume that the guests in the direction of the PPT is right, but in fact can not do. For example, social. I have done ten years of BBS, SNS, and later to the Tencent, I found Tencent do social is very professional, but we really can use social to beat the public comment?. Because this extremely extensive. We think carefully, do a careless behavior, to share information overload inside the SNS. In fact, it is tantamount to a small corner in a large market in the shout "I had here". There is no difference between the two things.

for example. We often talk about how we are online social. For example, we eat at the fish village at noon, Feng Xin said a storm in the alley a what place is very delicious. It must be shared in a small range, not in a large area. As for sharing to micro-blog, it is unlikely. If you want to stimulate, draw a iPad in micro-blog, what is the use? Anyway, I can not smoke.

so the power of social must be between acquaintances and acquaintances, and the dissemination of content must be content. The first question I said before is the scope of communication and the real relationship between people. Second, you must have the value of the spread of something valuable things must be scarce, so how to spread a sense of value, scarcity of things, which is the core. We do a daily review of the restaurant, what kind of scarce, valuable goods we can take to allow consumers to spread it?

again questioned the second, is the mobile internet. Zhang Tao and I think the public comment APP don’t do very well, so many choices to the user, then a little on the screen to see so many restaurants, I can have what results? From this angle, give a little less accurate, a choice is valuable. But what am I going to question?