Google (Google), the company released the world’s October independent access to the number of users in the top 1000 list of websites. Facebook is still ranked first, while the top 10 sites have two Chinese websites.

Google’s advertising technology company DoubleClick from the beginning of April this year, released on the basis of independent access to the number of users (UV) of the world’s Web site TOP 1000 charts. Through this list, in addition to the public understanding of the site’s ranking, can also query type, UV, flow list website (PV) content and published what type of advertising.

Facebook to 600 million independent users, ranked first in the world’s 680 billion page visits, followed by YAHOO. Baidu and QQ breakdown eighth, nine.

in the October list, reflecting the changes in the classification of urban living activity is more eye-catching. The world’s largest classification website Craigslist still occupy the first place in this ranking, but only a ranking, ranking fortieth in the world. Ranked second in the website of China’s 58 city network rose by more than last month, the ranking of the top 128th, showing the potential and prospects of the market in the world, the number of sites in the world’s top 8.

is reported that this list of data from Google in 2008, it launched the advertising management platform. The collected data have been excluded from Google’s own website and adult website information, updated once a month.