General Administration of Customs issued cross-border electricity supplier Regulatory Announcement

[TechWeb] August 1st news reports, today, "the General Administration of Customs on cross-border e-commerce trade entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" formally implemented, will carry on the supervision of enterprises and individuals engaged in cross-border e-commerce, so that sea Amoy to have legal support. It is understood that the popularity of WeChat’s circle of friends purchasing behavior in the future, such as not included in the regulation can be regarded as smuggling, after being reported or will be punished.

, according to the announcement of the General Administration of Customs on the supervision and administration of the entry and exit of goods and articles related to cross-border trade in electronic commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), will be implemented nationwide today.

said, "notice" is intended to clear e-commerce businesses or individuals, through e-commerce trading platform recognized by the customs and customs networking cross-border transactions of goods, goods in and out, need to accept customs supervision in accordance with the provisions of the "notice".

customs supervision of cross-border electricity providers, with Tmall as the representative of the international business platform will be fully included in the regulation, but because of my circle of friends, mostly individual purchasing behavior, communication range is small, and the large number of personnel engaged in supervision is very difficult.

made it clear that the "notice", "e-commerce store operator import and export goods, goods under customs supervision, filing procedures should handle the e-commerce business to the customs, and accept the supervision of the customs. Failing to go through the formalities for filing shall not carry out the business of electronic business". (red)