DoNews July 7th news (reporter An Hong) Sina micro-blog released micro electricity supplier strategy, announced a joint Alibaba, micro sell and three party business platform to build a mobile social electricity supplier system, and the introduction of micro electricity supplier products of micro-blog windows.

micro-blog micro electricity supplier to the main interest oriented commodity recommendation, breaking the micro layer of layers of distribution structure touch up the first floor of the seller. Micro-blog CEO Wang Fei revealed that after Ali will also help mature credit system, the construction of micro-blog’s credit ecology.

push people through and micro-blog windows two products

according to reports, there are about 20000000 major areas Master micro-blog at present, 1 million enterprises micro-blog account and 16 million active B2C official website account, and has established a relationship with the fans with interest as the link chain.

The micro-blog

Master model through the use of B2C2C, businesses with Master pass through the shopping Master shop, commodity information spread to the consumer, and the spread of each link in the chain was spread nodes, not trading nodes.

businesses and professionals in the field of vertical professionals can use micro-blog publisher recommended products, and add recommended reasons, inventory and commodity links and other information. Settled through the platform, there will be a set of store management system, upload the goods can appear at the same time, micro-blog and micro sell two wholesale markets for display. Through a large number of mobile phone exposure, so that more buyers and distributors to see goods.

products will be displayed in the micro-blog window, the user can collect goods in micro-blog or join the shopping cart, you can also buy through the middle page without jumping to other applications. After the user through the purchase of micro-blog channels to buy goods, people can be obtained in accordance with the agreement with the business to be divided into, and do not participate in the transaction process.

and in order to ensure the quality of goods and channels, the current commodity links must come from Tmall, Taobao and other key partners to sell third party.

open Taobao and three party platform to take the semi closed loop strategy

data show that in 2014 the mobile electricity supplier users grew by 137.8%, the size of mobile subscribers reached $9.6.

affected businesses and business platform in the social platform also carried out various attempts, Jingdong, said the beautiful, public comments are obtained by accepting the Tencent investment WeChat entrance, Taobao also launched a marketing and sales activities in the film, cars and other areas of cooperation with micro-blog.

The general manager of micro-blog

business platform and product department Cheng Yu said, micro-blog will take half closed-loop ecological electricity supplier strategy, established in partnership with ALI and other electricity supplier system does not play a leading role, will not participate in the transaction process, but the use of the advantage of micro-blog to gather interest, connecting users, users after the purchase of goods, logistics customer service are in charge of the business.

micro-blog official data show that monthly active users reached