July filariasis, August Weiyang, September eagle. Cologne in a whole novel to tell us: in September, is a great season. "September" is not the best Eagle Gu long novels, Cologne has always been the lack of a sense of perspective, his novels are connected with many short stories and wonderful, but there is no grand conception and continuous plot. "So is the eagle in September", but no one can deny, each story is very exciting. As a novel, it is enough to do this.

      IT in September, the same as his "unwilling to remain out of the limelight," the outbreak of the September eagle, a wonderful little story. In the story, especially the war of words is better, very interesting.

      September, is one of the most suitable to produce the story of the season, but also the largest season of war. Especially in the north in September, in an instant, the air hot breath has been several rain drenched valiant autumn brought Not the least trace was found., a beautiful season. Think of the early autumn scenery, IT will have a slobber war immediately impulse, IT elite did not live up to the eagles season. In Liu Xingliang seems, in which the following four war of words to lead the war of the IT in September:

      the 1, the NetEase YAHOO slobber war mailbox

      YAHOO China hit a thunder, YAHOO NetEase also started to rain. Yahoo China early in August will be intimated to subvert the mail market, vice president Ms. Shen Jianming is responsible for the mailbox market on the evening of August 22nd, with the industry Hot Blog gathered together to discuss the mailbox event. September 3rd, when YAHOO is still making public opinion, NetEase announced the introduction of unlimited capacity mailbox in September 10th. On the evening of September 10th, after the introduction of an unlimited number of mailboxes, NetEase suddenly issued a statement accusing YAHOO mailbox has been a large-scale rejection of the letter issued by NetEase mailbox, and suggested that the use of Internet users mailbox. This announcement let both sides completely torn face. So, standing in the front of the mailbox, NetEase, YAHOO began flying saliva.

      2, slobber war all the old and recent grudges: Sohu sina Olympic war

      Sina announced in September 6th "Olympic strategy". 10, as the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the only Internet company sponsors, Sohu also announced its Olympic coverage plan. So far, the battle between Sina and in the Olympic marketing has reached a white hot. Sohu co president and CFO Yu Chuyuan stressed that the Sohu is the only media sponsor of the Olympic Games, but also only can be organized and launched the Olympic theme activities of the Olympic sponsors for the Olympic brand marketing ". At the same time, Chen Luming, vice president and general manager of Sohu, said the Olympic Games, Sohu is the Olympic report, the regular army". Yu Chuyuan and Chen