news (focus): the threat of negative speculation, false paid posts in the name of blackmail and impose exactions on this phenomenon in recent years, the illegal no less. In order to combat such serious illegal activities, in January this year, the National Network Information Office jointly led by the Ministry of public security, the State Administration of radio news, nationwide jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work. In the thorough investigation under the crackdown, many website gray interests of the chain surfaced, which even lack of legal status, no small impact on the famous website.

recently, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received a report, the report shows, and business contact, claiming to be China Economic Net green channel reporter, wrote the news, if you do not want to be exposed, they can cooperate with him through the form of advertising fees: "he says that if you do that is 600 thousand, or I will give you up to the net."

China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and immediately transferred clues to the public security organs. Beijing, China economic net location of the police, a rapid investigation. After the police investigation, a China Economic Net environmental protection channel advertising agent Chen Ruigang headed criminal gangs surfaced.

can be seen in the advertising agency agreement suspects Chen Ruigang and China Economic Net signed, the scope of cooperation agreement, Chen Ruigang on behalf of the Beijing haizhirun Communication Co., Chinese agent Economic Net advertising channels of cooperation in environmental protection, for the period of July 1, 2011 to 2014 of June 30th, for a period of 3 years, the minimum amount of 1 million 500 thousand yuan. The police, in fact, Chen Ruigang Gang, made China economic net environmental protection channel gathering rights, the rights of the criminal gang, drive to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and more, many so-called interview activities.

Beijing city

four network security brigade police Liu Hao introduction, 2013 Chen Ruigang with what he called the reporter came to Shanxi, Xinjiang Xinjiang reported Shanxi Chongqing smelter pollution problems, the report released on the website, contact Chen Rungang, Chen Rungang proposed conditions 300 thousand yuan of cooperative advertising can revoke the manuscript, the enterprise did not agree with his condition. In January 21, 2013, Chen Rungang once again issued a negative news for the enterprise, the company felt great pressure, can only agree to his condition to pay the money, and then the manuscript removed from China’s economic net. In fact, these companies do not have any advertising in China economic net. According to incomplete statistics, in the 3 years of cooperation with the China Economic Net, extortion companies have more than more than and 10, Chen Ruigang criminal gangs of illegal income reached millions of dollars.

is not only China’s economic net, with the Chen Ruigang criminal gangs, as well as China youth network such a large site. What is more, this has been part of the China Economic Net environmental channel extortion platform for enterprises, Chen Ruigang, who will also be exposed to the Chinese youth network energy channels, for two extortion.

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