the beginning of the end of 2008, the United States Groupon sites began to rage, and realized $1 billion 350 million valuation within a year and a half of the legendary wealth. "Smell" sensitive business China Internet industry began to join the network group purchase swarmed into the combat corps, at present, domestic group purchase website production rate of a staggering 3 months of 400, a daily average of 4 similar group purchase website.

Groupon’s operation is acts as an intermediary between the group purchase of consumers and businesses, the people who want to buy cheap discount goods and services together, when the number reaches a minimum, you can enjoy the lowest price of successful group purchase, the purchase of goods.

June 23rd, Qianxiang Interactive Group officially announced to enter the group purchase, the investment and effort to build the group purchase website "rice" ( officially launched. How much surprise, the first day of the formation of the glutinous rice online line of 150 thousand consumer groups to buy an unprecedented scale, a global record of the Groupon model site. This tree of glutinous rice, late rice in the end what is the magic?

Shen Boyang, vice president, in charge of glutinous rice 1000 rubber group

, unlike other similar sites, rice network is committed to become the user’s local life guide for businesses to create high-quality, precision marketing platform, from the content, service quality, will present the overall level and standard of group purchase website upgrade, become the social electronic commerce in the field of "fine edition", realize users, businesses and websites win-win situation. Shen Boyang said: glutinous rice network to attract users, not just discounts, but a new way of life. Every day users can be guided by the sticky rice network, found hiding in the city of fresh and fun things." Early operation of the site, glutinous rice network will be based in Beijing, and then expand to other cities.

users make the heart is more, glutinous rice network has become the first site to buy Mobile Internet application site. Mobile phone users can login and view whenever and wherever possible, to understand a single day’s surprise, the first time the habits of mobile Internet panic buying, the fashion crowd, undoubtedly has great appeal. According to the introduction, the background design statistics system of glutinous rice nets than any of a group purchase website are detailed and comprehensive, "we can give businesses a series of data, its products are many visits, how many people share, the final transaction number, every day in what time how many people into the store consumption and so on. For these businesses is undoubtedly a valuable reference data for marketing."

, however, was born in the current market environment, glutinous rice network is also facing a lot of pressure. Because the number of group purchase website in a short period of explosive growth, uneven in quality led directly to the domestic group purchase website, appeared a variety of vicious competition. Several college students, a few million in venture capital funds, several weeks will eventually launch on-line network group purchase, due to funding strand breaks and enable businesses and consumers both damaged. "This is actually a kind of bad misleading."