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in today’s Internet era, an important channel of website has become the enterprise development business, related enterprises can foothold in one of the key industries, can be said to have an important relationship between the quality of the construction site and the quality of the sales network.

as everyone knows, the domain name registration is essential to the first level station, and also the establishment of the domain name is not only an important access entrance into the site, or in the network of second brands. The domain name will not make the site construction and operation are greatly affected and half-dead, while a good domain name may bring huge traffic to the site, in this case, to register a good domain name has become a common demand of the webmaster.

in a good domain to stimulate demand, by focusing on domain name information, choose to register is rich in resources, and by the majority of farmers come out soon recognized by the webmaster domain highly touted. In March 2014 by the world’s top domain name registration bureau Zodiac opened officially launched the ace domain name ".Wang", from the line so far registered volume is constantly rising, has become an important choice for owners to get good domain name. As the ".Wang" top-level domain name registration is one of the world’s linkage (, is in a rush of ".Wang" registered price to the stage by decreasing the form, the registration fee is 1800 yuan, in June 25th entered the final stage of cybersquatting, costs only 800 yuan.

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CEO Li Xiangjian about ".Wang" based on the global Chinese Internet access behavior based on the data of birth, can be said to be designed for the Chinese custom, the extreme with Chinese spelling and memory habits, but also have a English letter input convenience.

was called ace domain name,.Wang, is the network of Pinyin, in line with the Chinese Internet users, so and so, the network of cognitive and widely used habits, more conducive to the website ranking optimization and brand promotion. ".wang" is not on the verge of exhaustion of resources in the COM domain name, as a new domain name suffix, resources are extremely rich, brief and easy to fit, a good brand is easier to register the domain name registration.

this summer with the world cup hot to open, ".Wang" domain name as a fiery, many well-known enterprises in order to enhance the user experience and brand promotion, have registered their own ".Wang" domain name, such as Microsoft, Amazon, etc..

according to the market trend in the world cup in the summer, countless fans is through the search network domain name into the site to watch the world cup, so as the "net" pinyin ".Wang" domain may become the entrance blew the world cup web site traffic.