The effectiveness of


The effectiveness of

on information, from the user’s point of view to nature, is to provide users with valuable information is meaningful, for which information is of interest to the user, how to find valuable information resources, which is the basic guiding ideology of website content strategy, for different sites and different user structure the difference here, not much discussion.

This article mainly from the content of the website for the

search engine effectiveness perspective to illustrate some of the details need to pay attention to in the implementation of content marketing strategy, accurately speaking, is only a part of the contents of web search engine optimization problems — here only discuss how to correctly handle the effective keywords in the preparation of web content. For other aspects of website optimization, please refer to the relevant articles and books.

(1) to allow the title and content of the page contains a clear keyword

to create a high quality of the original article is not a very easy thing, sometimes an article to spend a lot of time and energy, if the content of these not easily won in the production of a web page without noticing keyword optimization, is likely to be released after being submerged in the ocean of information, it is really a pity.

An article in

creation, the first thing you need to do the meaning clear, the web page on the basis of this, it is necessary to key words of the title of the article and do some modification, let these important words not only appear in the title of the article, the content in the core part, due to an increase in the frequency of use these words. The title and content of the web page contains the key words is the basis of search engine retrieval, leaving this foundation, the content of the page is also difficult to be found by the search engine users.

(2) analysis of the user’s search habits, do not miss important keywords

in addition to the content of the page keywords contain clear meaning, should also pay attention to these words should be more common, it is easy to be used as search terms, or even their own keywords that are very clear may not have been retrieved in this opportunity, enterprise website product page in particular should more attention has been paid to the same kind of products, may have different names, but some vocabulary sequence is different, taking into account the user may use different vocabularies, the content of the design should be combined and despite all the keywords, so as not to miss important keywords.

this situation is particularly evident in the field of high level of search engine optimization, an important keyword is not ideal enough to give the business opportunities to competitors.

a simple example: "online market research" and "online market research" basically is one thing, if the user wants to search for this problem, as for the lexical retrieval, may be used, but due to the use of "