Google search business in mainland China more than three months after the withdrawal, Google for the first time to clear its reservations in the mainland business.

Google retained three business in the mainland

yesterday, Google Chinese said on its official blog, Google China homepage offers shopping, music and translation of three products, and this week will stop on Tianya laiba and answer the question of Google products and technical support, will be different versions of the operating horizon.

This called "

" updates about Google products China statement published in the Google China Google official blog on the blackboard. Google said in a statement, the current through the and to Chinese service users, while users can use the shopping, music and the translation of the three products, closed hot list and life two products, and the termination of cooperation, and are working on the network map of new policies.

Google yesterday released product updates are seen as a new strategy after the ICP license annual inspection. The Ministry of communication development division director Zhang Feng reiterated yesterday in answer to a reporter’s question, because Google (Google) in the joint venture company Chinese Guxiang promised to abide by China law, commitment known offer and access information services to ensure that there are no China Telecom regulations prohibit the content, so the company annual results for the rectification of qualified.

"There is a new service architecture in China,"

Google official said yesterday…… We think it’s a good time to re adjust our R & D team to focus on other new and existing products."

for Google map license issue, Google said it is studying the relevant departments recently issued some new policies for network maps and services.

ends with Tianya

Google said, according to the news released earlier this year, will stop this week to the end of the world and the technical support questions and answers. As early as in March this year, Google’s search business to withdraw from the mainland, there will be rumors that Google’s cooperation with the end of the world will be terminated, but at the time the news was denied by Google and tianya.

released a statement after Google, Tianya community also posted a notice yesterday, saying that due to the expiration of cooperation with Google, today, the end of the world and Google officially ended".

Tianya Online Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Xing Ming said yesterday afternoon, will buy back the shares held by Google, and the independent operation of the horizon, come and answer questions. In this regard, some analysts believe that this is the end of the horizon in the domestic gem cleared the last hurdle.

Tianya virtual community was born in March 1999, is one of the main projects of Hainan Tianya Online Network Technology Co., ltd..

August 2007, Google’s strategic investment to recognize the world, and cooperation with the end of the world launched