2013 is the fifteenth year after the founding of Google, and now this is a graduate of the Stanford University, founded by the company has grown into a global leader in the technology industry in. So, Google is how to get such a big success? "American Young Entrepreneurs Association" (Young Entrepreneur Council) a group of successful entrepreneurs to discuss the problem, finally reached the 14 tips to help Google success.




is the normal operation of the energy source to create new products Google encourage employees to use talent shows itself, 20% of their work time to carry out independent innovation, which not only maximize the creativity of employees, will also be a large number of innovative talents in Google.

2 to meet the needs of consumers and advertisers

, like most companies, Google’s success is inseparable from the diverse user base. Google users can be divided into consumer users (search) and commercial users (advertisers), while Google’s service will allow these two types of users are satisfied, it not only makes the best search engine in the world at the same time, the efficiency of its online advertising products and no one can.

3 continuous questioning

Google is not only the latest technology and the development trend of the leader, and never satisfied with the status quo, always through continuous questioning to envision the next few years may use the technology. Google CEO Larry · (Larry Page); he often mentioned is similar to the moon project (moon shot), unmanned aerial vehicles and augmented reality of Google project importance, and Google also constantly explore the future of science and technology, and the foresight to grasp the mainstream development direction of the major industries.

4 innovation


is always at the forefront of the market development, respect for culture of innovation to ease in the ever-changing market, will launch the products and services to meet the needs of the people. Relatively speaking, most companies always worry about changing the existing work mode, this approach naturally overcautious will miss many opportunities, while Google will continue through the change to occupy a larger market, such as the introduction of free Android so that in the days after the occupation of the intelligent mobile phone of the half of the country.

5 starts with a focus on a service

as everyone knows, Google in the "service focus" has been doing very well, such as the search service can completely open the gap with competitors when they have enough time and energy to the development of other projects.

Research and development of


The uniqueness of

products to some extent increased the competitive strength of Google, and Google’s investment in innovative projects has always been regardless of the cost, even if some projects may not