full net earnings news came just 24 tickets, but was exposed to indefinitely stop business, let people feel cold group purchase industry. The two have matched the TOP10 "regulars" such a disparity in the way in the public eye, let the "dormant" has long been the site group purchase turmoil. After bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of the group buying industry, has spent a full Street investment advertising, the noisy period, began to seek survival. The "dormant" after the group purchase industry is exploring a new way.

looking for profit point

once, listing is the goal of all buy site. Last November, group purchase originator GROUPON NASDAQ success caused the domestic group purchase website "turmoil", but then handle network crashed IPO, Wo Wo Group threatened listed unsuccessful, the domestic group purchase website will no longer give listed. Experienced capital tide group purchase industry in order to survive, begin to focus on profitability.

many industry heavyweights began to take time to profit, as of now, the industry has not yet appeared clear profit model. But this does not prevent a number of buy site has begun to profit attempt. Downsizing, cost control is what most of the group buying site is doing.

part of the profit from the business to do value-added services." The day before the full net profit in September CEO Feng Xiaohai announced a piece of money that sold out with the industry average gross margin is in 7%-8%, but the overall gross profit margin is about 10%, the rest of the promotion of 2%-3% came from the use of Baidu and micro-blog to do business. The implication, group purchase model is still not bring profit itself. Lu Zhenwang also believes that the electricity business, even if the cost is not enough to allow the industry to profit, you must find a new profit model.

abandoned marketing heavy technology

group purchase website marketing tactics was quickly abandoned in the capital at low tide, the ubiquitous advertising group purchase instant disappeared, but the surface is not "completely indifferent," quiet technology and operation is becoming a new round of group purchase website force. This trend is reflected in the industry a few more obvious.

to the U.S. mission network as an example, when the majority of group purchase website shrink, meituan instead began to put up a pageantry recruitment, such as data from the supplier development engineer, JAVA engineer and other positions can be seen in the technology transfer of the U.S. mission network strategy. Group 800 data show that in 2012 1-8 months, the U.S. mission network single month results from $200 million to $580 million, an increase of 290%, the monthly average growth of $17.1%. U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing believes that the greatest value of the group is to activate a lot of traditional services, and technology is one of the key elements.

insiders said that the user experience and operational efficiency of technology to show a stronger ability to sustainable development in the capital receded, and is becoming recognized strategic focus in the industry.

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