DoNews game on June 25th (reporter Zhao Yue Rossi)


piracy, for the Chinese game industry, it seems to have been a word away. But with the rapid development of mobile games, the pirates have another form, play to the characteristics of the Internet, although the same is to provide users with free games, but replacing or adding pirated own adware, infringement of the original rights, even steal user privacy.

piracy above, through several major channels of domestic DoNews has been reported, surfaced. Reported that the parties are gathering evidence, it is possible to resort to law. And we are more concerned about is how this gray industrial chain in the end and the formation of the growth of each chain and played a role, what can be done?

is not strict supervision of the installation package is the main reason for the proliferation of pirated applications

Guangzhou box platform is reported to crack genuine application of illegal profits through pea pods


report says, a "box platform" channel download genuine game after the break, the implantation of the virus or adware, after re signing, with genuine game package uploaded to the other platform identity channel profit.

special reports of pea pods, for example, because there is no doubt that the box platform and pea pods depth cooperation. Mobile phone assistant products of pea pods, there is a "wash in vain", the official introduction of the "pea wash in vain will help you find out the copycat applications, and help you put them into the official version or replace no ad version". The report says, the user response game was replaced by adding plug-in installation package, pop-up ads, sidebar appear application recommendation and forced silent installation problems in the course of the game. After the study of the problem of the game and the user found that they are unified feature of the phone is equipped with pea pods, and in the download and install a game after the use of pea pods in the wash white function. After the replacement of the installation package upload as "box platform". The report said it would conduct a thorough investigation, has been through the notary office to preserve evidence, there may be further measures.

on this matter, pea pod response, the company’s game audit team is based on the game provider to submit a computer software copyright certificate to determine whether the game is the official version of the package. And for the download of the game, pea pods provide search services, details and downloads are carried out in the third party platform, unrelated to pea pods.

The reporter then contacted the

launched the box platform "Guangzhou City Jun nine Information Technology Co. Ltd., when asked whether there is such a case, the staff has only responded to a" no ", will no longer explain.


box platform on the official website, the box platform is an advertising platform, describes their advantages is "all application market", "optimize the user experience, giving users rich advertising experience", at the same time in the official website below has been showcasing current mainstream channels to download LOGO. However >