a, what is the site map?

web site map is based on the structure of the site, the framework, content, the generated navigation web files. The map has two main functions:

1, to help users clearly find the corresponding column, classification, content, etc.;

2, to facilitate the search engine spiders crawl, search spiders will crawl through the site map link crawling, grab new content, which is particularly important for Seo optimization.

two, site map placement

site map is best placed on the site at the bottom of the head and the best station, each page has a map link priority map, in order to better improve search engine efficiency, increase your efficiency.

three, search engine identification map

because each search engine to identify the main map format effect is different, it is recommended to use the following format:

Baidu: recommends using Html format sitemap

Google: it is recommended to use Xml format site map

Yahoo: it is recommended to use Txt format site map

four, site map production

commonly used Cms management system are integrated map generation function, if your site is not, no more than 800 pages and content pages, with " you; Sitemap generator " use Baidu Search, you will find. If the site column section more, Seoer takes a suggestion according to the structure of the site, from primary to secondary structure, make a navigation, such as:

main column

main column a small column

main column two columns

main column three column

two main column

two main column a small column

two bar two columns

two three main column column…

five, site map submitted

make a good site map, how to improve the work efficiency, the best method is to take the initiative to speed up the map included, the site corresponding to the site map, the root directory, and then you can submit online. The map document, submitted as follows:


Baidu map submission address: http://s.www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html

Google map submission address: https://s.google.com/webmasters/tools/dashboard? Hl=>