Amazon: close to the individual needs of consumers



sell almost everything the online retail giant at the top of the list, not only in the total brand trust won the highest score, and the score in each category is a leader.

Blake Project, the chief brand strategy for VanAuken (Brad), thinks this is expected. He believes that Amazon has a superior product accessibility, functionality and customer experience, to create a strong brand trusted by consumers.

Fan Aole said: " provides millions of kinds of products, 24 hours, incomparable search and browsing technology, product depth information coupled with user comments and other aspects, these are users of high-quality shopping experience."

he added that the Amazon brand, its low price, purchase a certain amount of free postage policy — considered the real benefit to consumers, at the same time, a single key and fast delivery options to help shoppers save precious time. Consumers can also find anything they want in the Amazon, thanks to Amazon and Partner Count and other sales channels of cooperation.

despite the huge number of goods may be considered to give consumers a sense of alienation, but Aole fan and consumers that the Amazon in the cultivation of emotional set a good example for all enterprises, such as consumers through past purchases commodity recommendation, user reviews and ratings system is good, and the collocation recommended buy. Consumers can also establish a personal relationship with the brand through a number of channels, including the establishment of user pages, product reviews and ratings, list of wishes and single list to recommend their favorite products.

Coca-Cola: happy


"cool sunshine", "cool moment", "life is really wonderful," these are the Coca Cola Co past ad design. Since its inception, the world’s largest beverage maker slogan has been to bring happiness to consumers. "Everything they do is to stimulate happiness, to cultivate happiness, to create happiness." Stengel said. Coca Cola Co will apply this concept to every corner of the consumer, from Facebook to allow consumers to blend the special taste of the vending machine. Stengel said: "they will be from the heart of the idea of happiness into all aspects."

Coca-Cola in the 80s of last century had launched a new coke program, the result ended in failure. Now Coca Cola Co will focus on the brand back to create happiness, and use its long history and heritage to create a strong corporate image. Steinberg said: "Coca Cola Co very respected corporate history and pioneers, from