I have just come into contact with the work of the website promotion, but also accumulated a little bit of experience also want to write something to share with you, together with you to learn website promotion.

QQ group marketing

QQ group is a way close to consumers, and consumers face-to-face, this is the biggest way to attract consumers, let consumers feel the most direct the most economical, the face of the consumer, not to directly began playing hard advertising, this is only one possible. In the face of consumers then use one by one by one strategy, a chat, inducing consumers step by step, not to let their resentment, should be willing to be friends and he, a friend of marketing.

email marketing

in the degree of foreign e-mail marketing has been very popular in China’s huge market space development prospects. E-mail marketing to pay attention to skills, hard sell is to let customers off, so to do email marketing, good intentions to think the content of the message, the text should be under the control of the 200 or so, the consumer should try to express the warm reminder. A lot of people for Amazon’s mail service is very good, should be in the Amazon to buy books, will regularly want you to introduce the latest books, but there will not be a look disgusted letter. E-mail marketing is based on consumer trust, from the consumer’s point of view.

forum marketing

forum marketing is a very challenging way of marketing it, because the floor is a group of advertising posts, then directly blocked, so the relationship with the landlord is the most critical forum marketing link. This part of the Datong, has a different meaning for the forum marketing! Post should be interesting, don’t stick around ready stereotyped contents. This can only be annoying, hate. Some valuable to others posts on popular forums, the spirit of helping others mind to reply

micro-blog marketing


micro-blog as another new media brings marketing ideas to many enterprises, from the elegant woman of micro-blog marketing, to VANCL style, 360 war Tencent micro-blog marketing case to see that micro-blog’s marketing will be xiangbobo. There is a huge amount of energy between micro-blog and forward. Micro-blog interactive, full participation, simple operation, the micro-blog is caught in a short moment, hair, in the spread of the Internet speed is wide, is unmatched by some media. Micro-blog, which makes more people pay attention to the enterprise, focus on trends in enterprise boss, let more people understand the business, understand the business executives, is also a display window of the enterprise, all kinds of hope in this new media publicity, let more people understand.

website promotion, we must persevere, adhere to their own ideals, hard work, hard to learn to try all kinds of new ideas, full of fun on the road of website promotion! So that each of us to find the