whether it is traditional marketing or network marketing, seduction is an important means of marketing. The first stage of network marketing is called the attraction stage. The goal of this stage is very simple, is to attract visitors.

especially "valuable visitors". Attracting customers is a prelude to seduce customers. As a means of blog marketing, the first is to rely on professional blog to attract customer attention, so that customers have the desire to focus on products or services.

This requires the

blog posts must be professional, make your product or service is authoritative, unique; but also on the product or service market analysis is very clear, so that customers feel the product or service market prospects, there are profits and competitive, so as to attract customers, but "just" attract "is far from enough to achieve marketing results," seduce "is essential.

has a "attract" pave the way, also need to follow up, also is to let the desire of customers into the true meaning of the customer, you need to take the initiative, the use of recovery, return increase the "Stickiness", to further explain your customers want the advantages of the project can be implemented, profit point.

seduce or attract, in fact, is the two policy ideas, can show the wisdom and low wisdom of decision-making. Seduce is a purpose and a plan to step further, the unfolding of reel silk from cocoons. If the attraction is the use of blog articles to show potential customers, attract attention, just a passive behavior, then "seduce" is a kind of active behavior, in addition to the article in the blog, also need further action, that is the article submission to the relevant active media, into the news, let information spread more widely and farther. This is a targeted marketing campaign aimed at potential customers. Make use of all available resources to do the work.

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