website promotion of various industries are inseparable from the network of soft power, the industry website soft Wen promotion is the current situation of all walks of life can not but consider the key topic of the rate. The common site soft, generally has two kinds, one is for the station to update the SEO characteristics of the soft, soft Wen is through reasonable distribution of keywords to the internal core vocabulary of the website optimization, website ranking promotion. The other is a soft news portal, using high browsing rate, communication will contain the website information text quickly, let more people through the way of the chain into the enterprise website inside or through the soft content more about the message you want, this is more complex, its operation is more trouble. At present, the text appears to do a lot of marketing platform friends provides a better display space, they are different from the traditional soft release form, using high technology to break the traditional mode of operation, in the form of independent, to do network marketing friends offer a Easy Access.

in the industry Web site soft Wen promotion, the second is to involve all industries, to get a good publicity effect, it must rely on the power of the media network, a network media mass base, the high degree of trust, than mere industry of good publicity; on the other hand large portal station, browsing rate is high, can give the industry website soft promotion bring high flow. Therefore, any enterprise must rely on second types of soft text to enhance the visibility of the enterprise.

then, second kinds of how to achieve it? Who did not want to send media can be issued. Similarly, also has two kinds of methods: one is by virtue of the ability of the enterprise itself, invited all the media reporter held a press conference, so the media will automatically report and product related news, but relatively trouble, but also the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Two is our Bo Yang news writing platform, has the most authoritative and most awesome news soft release system, whether you want to send to which channel, how many ideas are, by your own choice, you can recharge after release, is simpler than a method, is the most concentrated industry website promotion of soft automation platform.