webmaster admin5.com5 10 news: according to the latest CNNIC data show that as of the end of March 2010, a total of 5665975 domestic.Cn domain name registration, from the beginning of 2009 December, CN domain anti stable growth momentum, the number has been dramatically reduced, showing a sharp downward trend.


data can be seen from the chart, in March a total of 8844196 CN related domain name registration,.Cn occupies the first place in 5665976, in the second row is.Com.cn, the number of 2494176,.Net.cn ranked third, like org.cn, gov.cn and other small proportion of domain name. .cn and.Com.cn occupy a significant proportion of the Total CN domain registration.




and CNNIC according to the previous data show that since last December CNNIC began remediation efforts CN domain adverse application, CN domain name number began to decrease a sudden turn for the worse. December.Cn domain name as shown in figure 8612100, and in January of this year, the total amount of 7697330 in the year of February, the number of.Cn domain name to an alarming rate of $about 1000000 per month decline in.

CN domain a substantial decline can be roughly summed up for four points, a domain name registration and domestic demand contraction is obvious; two, CNNIC regulation domain undesirable application, a large number of domain name is deleted, CN domain name of the disabled; three the application of business process of new registration, some users due to CN domain name registration requirements and improve their regulation and worry domain name, domain name for the CN to lose confidence, and then choose to register other types of domain name; four, to adapt to the new user name system management requires a process. CN domain name has been fully implemented real name system management, domain name resolution required to perform the filing procedures. For the majority of users, these regulatory requirements from the introduction to adapt to the need for a process, and the process may be a long-term.




we all know, since the beginning of 06, CNNIC to carry out a registered CN domain name activities, greatly stimulated the CN domain name market, coupled with the site to reduce the threshold, the individual registered CN domain name stand to do to enhance the enthusiasm. In just three years, the CN domain name will be developed into a large number of our country, the world’s largest top-level domain name. From the figure 06 – 08 years of data can be seen, the number of CN domain name doubled in three years, the development of