webmaster network admin5.com6 4 message by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held in June 4th, China’s first domain name conference held in Beijing. Our first meeting with the domain name "standard, innovation and development" as the theme, has attracted much attention from domestic and international Internet industry, from the Ministry of industry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Internet association and government organizations, ICANN, neustar, dotasia and other experts at home and abroad Internet organizations, experts and scholars, Internet law the world, as well as the industry elite from all walks of life to attend the meeting.

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conference from a number of perspectives on the development of China’s domain name industry status quo, problems and future development direction. The meeting also released the China domain name industry report, which is the first systematic study of the status of China’s domain name industry report. CNNIC said, after more than ten years of development, China’s domain name industry has begun to take shape, A new force suddenly rises. in the Internet field, has attracted worldwide attention.

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domain name system and the corresponding technical standards constitute the most essential aspect of the Internet, without it, the Internet will no longer exist, 300 million Internet users will not be able to use the rich and colorful web services, e-commerce platform is also a lack of 3 trillion. Domain name as the address of the Internet resources, both important corporate Internet brand assets, but also to carry out a variety of Internet users in-depth application of the standard configuration. It can be said that the domain name industry is an important driving force for the development of China’s network economy, network culture, the Internet economy has a significant radiation and driving force.

as a new field of Internet, the development of domain name industry has been highly valued by all parties. The competent authorities of the state will continue to support the development of the domain name industry and further expand the scale of the domain name industry.

national domain name industry in the future growth with overseas broad space

at the same time, the participation of overseas experts on the development of China’s domain name industry gave a high evaluation. ICANN senior vice president Theresa Swinehart said that the rapid growth of China’s domain name industry in recent years, has been unanimously recognized and appreciated by international peers. As the mainstream of the domain name, the value of CN domain name has gradually been recognized internationally, gaining a global influence. Meanwhile,". China domain name will be written this year, the global root domain name system, has become the focus of heated debate on the general assembly.

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