in the webmaster nets, such as webmaster website, forum for a long time, found that many webmaster friends, has been caught in a misunderstanding: through SEO and other skills, to the pursuit of a little poor flow. Or searching for the advertising alliance, was a pit of dozens of pieces of money, everywhere that curse, no justice ah no justice. Some friends through the black people’s site, black once received a few hundred dollars, or sell code, dozens of pieces of money business is bored.

      in fact, this kind of online in order to work hard for dozens of dollars of webmaster friends, your thinking should change: why must make money in this way?

      I found that some of the side of my business is a good site, especially the size of the site, there will not be a mess of those alliance advertising. Because they tend to have a good profit model, the kind of hanging advertising alliance, that too little money, and affect the image. Their owners also absolutely no effort to go to dozens of pieces of money and hassle.

      I take my own practical experience to tell this kind of webmaster friends: you have these energy and mind, not as real as to enterprise service. Although the market is now very chaotic, but tens of millions of Chinese SMEs, there are people who need to build the site or. The local professional website, build a station usually offer for 3000-6000 yuan enterprise or higher. So, you can price 500 yuan. With the current site procedures, do a simple corporate website a day, no problem. Others 3000 yuan, you $500, who is more competitive? Even if you are three days to do such a job, a month down, but also a lot of money. Don’t forget, you just starts at 500, hit the right, the price may be high. I had 500 starts, but received several tens of thousands of orders, this alliance advertising than to make money quickly and easy always on tenterhooks.

      someone might say, I can’t get this kind of life. What is your website for? Why not transform into a local image of the site, and then in some of the major sites, forums to mix a face cooked. This enterprise to see the image of your site, you will feel that you do have this strength, and then rely on your face cooked, through the introduction of each other between users, publicity, a month to pick up ten single is not a problem! What league do you make a few thousand dollars a month?