these two days make boiled than Baidu IM (Baidu chat) news, many of the "sources" released screenshots, Baidu IM tentative name for Baidu Hi, currently has leaked out of the 1.0beta version is available for download, although can install, but can not use. After testing found that Baidu hi is not restricted to the login IP, but restricted the use of Baidu hi account. Therefore, to view its functions, in addition to relying on the outside of the Baidu, you can also use ResHacker and other tools. This article will show some features of Baidu hi. Legendary Baidu hi screenshot:


1, system broadcast


original Baidu hi and QQ and other chat tools, there will be a system broadcast, I do not know if the system is only a few broadcast system news or mixed with some advertising it?

2, group messaging options:


obviously, and QQ group message settings are exactly the same option.


Baidu group seems to create QQ group to create trouble, to enter the name, ID number, phone number and Email, do you want to engage in the real name system?


we look at the red box on the right, from the Baidu IM can use Baidu account login, you can also bind the mailbox.

5, menu screenshot list:


menu options and other chat tools.

6, chat records save options:


this is my main concern, the use of Gtalk is an important reason for its online chat records. But it seems that Baidu Hi does not have an online chat record save feature, only if the local option is saved


that is to say, Baidu hi is on the login account has been limited, not allow non Baidu personnel login. Not before the legendary restrictions on IP.

some ideas:

in the previous chapter, I said that Baidu’s chat logs are saved locally, which is somewhat different from my original guess, I had guessed that Baidu IM chats will be saved online as gtalk. If it is online, then it must be saved in the Baidu account, Baidu account may be >