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from August 16th on-line search products, even if there is no income, but the 360 has begun to impact the original search 360 search market share, became the second largest search engine company Chinese, which led to the imagination of the capital market. In recent days, Baidu shares fell, while the 360 trend is rising.

IT commentator Cao Yueping believes that the "3Q war", Zhou Hongyi showed "Chinese only dare and Tencent positive underneath company" to the capital market, and now Baidu truth is equally simple, Zhou Hongyi wants to tell the capital market "360 can be changed Chinese search agency enterprise sorger". At the beginning of the month 360 shares from $15 to $more than and 20 is the key.

, however, 360 in the short term to bring traffic to the owners will soon enter a stable period. If 360 can not quickly break through, China’s Internet search engine company, the second will also face challenges.

360 face traffic growth bottleneck

3B war, the 360 most powerful weapon is second only to the number of users QQ client. As of June 2012, 360 PC based products monthly active users up to 425 million, secure browser monthly active users up to 272 million, the average daily start page of individual clicks by 368 million. This means that when 360 of the browser and browser default search engine to their products, the effect is almost immediate.

Hitwise data show that as of August 26th, 360, Baidu, Google, Sogou, SOSO Tencent in the domestic share were 56.44%, 10.22%, 7.54%, 7.14%, 4.72%. Prior to the 360 search in August 15th on the line, the search for the order of the order of 62.1%, 0, 10.1%, 7.8%, respectively.

360 in just 10 days on the throne, becoming China’s Internet search engine company in the top second".

, however, after the rapid rise, the growth of 360 search share will enter a platform period.

the "daily economic news" on a music website and an animation website, according to the key words animation site visit, the peak in August 21st 601 keywords after the visit, will stage a steady, 29 day decreased to a certain degree; 360 comprehensive search PV peak music website reached 760 thousand on the 27 day, independent more than 90 thousand users.

communications expert Chen Zhigang believes that the current 360 search seems more like a test version, only the user’s search questions submitted to Baidu, Google and many other independent search engines, then get the search results according to their own rules of polymerization, then the optimization is presented to the user, so the user experience to face many competitors also, the need for further adjustment.