Tencent science and technology news lasted more than four years of 3Q legal battle, and ultimately won the Tencent Inc and the dust settles.

the morning of October 16th, the Supreme People’s Court on Qihoo v. Tencent Inc abuse of market dominance disputes and the final verdict: dismissed the claims of the company’s Qihoo, Tencent that do not constitute a monopoly infringement.

Tencent responded that, very pleased 3Q war on the legal track to be resolved. For the future, we aware of the responsibilities and challenges, we will be more outstanding Internet colleagues, adhere to customer first, abide by business standards, to create a better and more Internet products and services, return the majority of users and the community."

industry experts, the verdict is not a simple pause, but the future development of the Internet Chinese played an important benchmark significance, for a variety of competitive chaos industry to further delineate the legal boundaries clear. Hundreds of millions of Internet users in China, this is undoubtedly a good news related to their own interests.

the "3Q war" in the last game ending

this morning, with the highest law of a sentence, as long as four years 3Q war finally drew a law. After the Qihoo 360 "privacy protection" and "bodyguards" two unfair competition disputes won again, Tencent won the case antitrust dispute case.

to remember is that many of the industry four years ago in September 27th, Qihoo has released the 360 "privacy protection", claiming that the detection of QQ software to spy on user privacy, take the initiative to provoke disputes. Then in order to protect the QQ user name of security, launched the "Koukou bodyguard", by destroying and tampering with the QQ software and the way to promote its goodwill slander QQ software products, causing huge economic losses and damage to the reputation of the Tencent. Tencent Inc in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests, had to seek self relief and legal rights.

in October 2010 and in June 2011, the Tencent Inc on the 360 privacy protection and buckle bodyguard infringement case to Beijing and Guangdong courts. Two cases had closed the company, Qihoo were identified constitute unfair competition, was sentenced to the Tencent Inc for the loss and apology, eliminate the impact of the infringement.

, Tencent v. Qihoo 360 buttoned bodyguards unfair competition case, by the Supreme People’s court vice president Xi Xiaoming as the presiding judge of the collegial panel to make the final judgment, up to 5 million of the compensation for infringement judgment. This is the Supreme People’s court in the first case of unfair competition in the Internet field, but also with a benchmark significance of the judicial decision, the order of competition in the Internet field to clarify the rules and boundaries.

This also means that the

, made by the highest judicial organ of the state before and after the Qihoo, formed the two final judgment of unfair competition and the Tencent does not constitute a monopoly, the industry attention "3Q war" has made the most comprehensive and complete.