, Beijing, October (reporter Bai Yang) – many of the major regulations closely related to our lives, will be implemented in the beginning of this year in November. Among them, the most concern of the criminal law amendment (nine) came into force in November 1st, "medical" "online rumors" to find someone to take the test "behavior will be the official administrative penalty into the penalty.

"nine sentences" of "online rumors" behavior that does not

November 1st, rumors pass rumors behavior people hated, will face legal sanctions more powerful.

"nine sentences", made up of danger, disaster, epidemic, false alarm, spread on the information network or other media, or knowingly the false information deliberately spread in the information network or other media, seriously disrupting social order, 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or control; cause serious consequences, more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 7 years.

"nine sentences" also stipulates that the ringleaders of "medical", more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 7 years; the active participants, 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights.

in addition, in the national unified examination organization, cheating will face up to 7 years in prison, and find someone to take the test will be criminal detention or control.

"nine sentences" is also on the sale of counterfeit, license, abuse of disabled old school bus, overloading and other strong opinion reflects behavior made the crime provisions, "the crime of whoring" in the 18 years of existence was officially abolished charges.

37 administrative fees are cleared

since November 1st, the country’s 37 administrative fees will be canceled and suspended.

notice previously according to the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission, the marriage registration records to prove charges, CTA qualification examination, examination fee, rental fees and other 33 administrative charges were cancelled, quarantine of animals and animal products fees of 4 administrative charges levied suspended.

is reported that the clean-up involves 15 departments, each year to reduce the burden on enterprises and individuals about $3 billion 600 million. Notice that the cancellation and suspension of the collection of charges, the relevant departments and affiliated institutions to perform management functions according to law the funds needed by the fiscal budget at the same level to co-ordinate arrangements, security work; the relevant departments and units to handle financial bills to pay sales procedures fiscal departments; the fees totaling income shall be in accordance with the Department of finance the provisions of the channel in full to the state treasury.

group complaints operators will be interviewed

"consumer rights association organization measures (Trial)" operators interviewed in November 1st in the national implementation. According to this approach, if the operators lead to mass complaints or potential risk groups complaints, publishing illegal advertisements or exaggerated publicity, false propaganda to deceive consumers, defects or safety hazards to provide goods or service quality, not to take.