language is not good, do not know where to start.

directly from contact " net build " start.

last year at this time, I have the first com meters inadvertently (November 27th), by a local network class, teacher asked to get a personal communication class, to facilitate the release of notification

was also thought why she didn’t choose the QQ group. Then I do not understand to get source station to find the class web source code changes. Can also be said to be fully understand a little. At this time I was a blank so if you are a network of enthusiasts, and think of the site, you also don’t need.



may be lucky, not through the tortuous road, because I am a student (and out of), he should I play the role of tutor. Ask him for help, bought a com meter, a 100M space, here need to say is: first of all they have to understand the basic structure of a web site: space + domain name, also is to have rice. Ha ha. In the choice of the domain registrar and the space required a lot of reference, find out what you want to do, for example, I did not know what to buy a 100M space, ASP space, the results I began shortly after contact to DZ, have to continue to use DVBBS, domain name registration can quickly, but please be careful choice, it is best to consult with friends, of course you can register a domain name and then out of learning, I can tell you I was behind the growth. Then I know who Is query Alexa ranking GGPR Baidu site all kinds of statistics, I have learned through the platform of the laggards. Here you can hold an entertainment mentality, you can learn a lot of things in the entertainment.

Then there is

meters after, began to assume that your website, my experience is: when I download a DVBBS6 version of it a few forget… Then devote themselves to learn something in my DVBBS classmates give me great help, get help from my classmates, you can experience what no? That is the importance of friends, it is difficult to see the tutorial or closed the repairer. I was on the assumption behind the words, I believe that I am not so, because 06 years in the network has not been so cold " " 05-07 in the first half of this year should be the golden period. So the choice of a good place the right group of people, then you will get infinite benefits. By learning from DVBBS with my classmates’ help, I mastered the basic DVBBS function. Some simple means to master the basic has been mastered, although I do not style template, but At least I will change, and so on…

by the way, I would like to know about the experience of the forum, just started advertising everywhere, including QQ group, the highest I remember is that there are more than and 80 people online, publicity is very much more than IP