[TechWeb] August 3rd news, P2P net loan platform e speed loan illegal deposits have been new developments. Huizhou police recently informed that the suspect Jeong Chenzhou ("e fast loan" shareholders, board of directors) to the crime of illegal deposits from the public arrest according to law.


e speed loan shareholders involved in the implementation of the law was arrested illegal profit about 4000000 yuan

bulletin content shows that after a preliminary identification, e speed loan, the company under the banner of the network, P2P, in order to self financing, the establishment of funds pool, made false targets and other forms of illegal deposits crime. During the suspect Jeong Chen from January 2014 to May 2016, the company’s shareholders and directors, illegal form through the "e speed loan platform to send false targets, to investors to raise funds of about 26000000 yuan, about 4000000 yuan of illegal profits.

has been on the part of the public security organs "e rate loans" victim (investors) to verify the registration, in accordance with the law to pursue other crime suspects and illegal income, according to the law to freeze the seizure of property, to minimize the loss.

e speed loan was founded in September 2010, the registered capital of 92 million 500 thousand yuan. Claiming to be e speed loan is P2P Internet financial innovation platform for the borrower to provide financing services, while providing investors with investment channels.

May 20, 2016, e fast loan suspected of illegally attract deposits from the public is checked, the total turnover of over 7 billion. May 26, 2016, Guangdong, Huizhou police released the e speed loan case of the latest findings. Informed that the case has been characterized as illegal sequestration, after initial police investigation, Guangdong Department of finance investment limited company by using the "e quick loan platform illegally funding amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars. May 31, 2016, Huizhou police latest bulletin: e has officially arrested the legal representative of fast loan. (Wang Kaka)