IT Times reporter Wang Xin

disappeared MSN Messenger, you still have a few friends, the most recent posts in the online heat transfer, attracted many users lamented that the MSN is really less and less. In this regard, MSN China to the IT times, said Messenger (MSN chat application) is just a business in MSN China, the entire MSN China is in a new adjustment, re force stage.

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friends sigh

Trinidad look, nowhere bleak."

"every login MSN, I do not know why I think often Ordos ghost town, disappeared."

on the Internet, users in a variety of ways as a Messenger sigh MSN chat tools, no longer.

told reporters in a well-known domestic media office Wang, his MSN Messenger contacts have very much, "almost 800 years, but now I have no MSN, sometimes also can see the online login after only a handful of numbers, the less time is only 20 to 30 people online."

"I used to be fans of MSN, but now fewer and fewer people, I also had to do with the QQ, there is no way to bear." Miss Zhu said in the work of state-owned enterprises.

MSN Messenger is oriented to 25 ~ 35 year old users, MSN has established a deep workplace culture." Analysys International analyst Jin Qing believes that with the increasing number of Internet users, the Internet gradually from elite mode to the civilian era, MSN Messenger brand influence therefore gradually weakened.

data show that Microsoft (35.73, 2.01, 5.96%) MSN Messenger officially announced the number of users caliber is 30 million users, only a fraction of the peak period.

advertising market is still active

click on the charges, MSN advertising 2 yuan a time, QQ is a $1." An Internet advertising agency, told reporters that his company has been engaged in the MSN advertising agency, although the advertising is very competitive, but advertisers and pricing of MSN has been very stable, so the profit has been pretty good. Study abroad, English training, cosmetics, real estate and other industries is the most stable customer source MSN."

these agents revealed that although the number of MSN Messenger users is not as good as before, but compared to other IM, precision and directional user quality has maintained a high level, which is the main reason for advertisers favor. For example, the annual education investment is over ten million.

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operating system has started selling advertising