now network marketing is already known to every family, made an indelible contribution to Ali group, Ali 2013 "double eleven" war, all day long transaction data: Alipay all day long turnover amounted to 35 billion, an increase of 83% over last year’s 19 billion 100 million. Eleven Alipay deal all day long, items for the 170 million pen. Small partners to see the data are silly, the 2014 companies how to do network marketing?

as a network marketing personnel, no matter what is the responsibility of the industry, our common purpose is to let the enterprise product sales rise, so that enterprises get better returns. Therefore, the enterprise website is the first impression of the customer, the customer will first understand the product through the website, according to the contact information of the site to call or order.

The main role of

on the network marketing and ask you the following:

a search engine promotion

do promotion we all know, search for a keyword, appear in the Baidu home page has promotion and the right side of the information are basically belong to Baidu paid advertising. There is no concept of the Baidu auction business, will not establish an account with high price bid keywords get home page ranking, often ignore this ad click rate is high, but the number of customers into the scanty. Therefore, Nanning asked the webmaster to remind enterprises, in the auction to pay attention to the following points:

1 must find out the precise long tail keywords. The advantages of the product from the bright spots to analyze, write a good product promotion title, highlighting their products and competitors (such as: price, promotion, etc.)

2 product optimization and promotion of creativity, the key is the title of the long tail related to highlight the selling points and credibility, can be added as a synonym for the official term, industry standards or highlight the unique product highlights.

more than 3 concern for account data, at any time to make the title and creative revision or bid position, to do some "free" Promotion Association, home phone number, QQ number, ID users may store, not your advertising, but through creative transformation, these methods need more observation and analysis of competitors.

4 design good advertising requirements of the landing page, web pages and creative advertising is closely related to web design and marketing concept in place, there is the landing page speed should be fast, not to some unstable space or server bandwidth must be sufficient, otherwise people click on advertisements but the website does not open or it is very slow, spend more effort in vain bidding.

5 check all accounts URL link address is correct, do not do all the work done, destroyed in this piece may be returned to someone else to advertise.

two, website SEO optimization

In addition to the

search engine promotion, there will be a vision of the enterprise will choose to do SEO optimization. Generally, there are two modes